JOCKEY® bra, with Patented REALFIT™ Sizing System, Gives Women a Near-Custom Fit

KENOSHA, Wis. - Women often complain about their bras-poor fit, underwire problems, inconsistent sizing, and discontinued styles-and Jockey International, Inc. believes it has the solution to these problems. Jockey is proud to present JOCKEY® bra, which features volumetric sizing that guarantees consistent sizing in all styles and replaces underwires with a patented Comfort Wire that provides the support of a wire with no metal for maximum comfort.

Designed by women, for women, JOCKEY® bra’s patented REALFIT™ Sizing System replaces the 80-year-old alphanumeric sizing format. This revolutionary fit system measures both the volume of a woman’s breast and her band size, resulting in the closest to custom fit possible. Jockey conducted eight years of research and development, including the 3-D scanning of more than 800 female bodies, to design JOCKEY® bra, and now women have a bra that they will enjoy wearing every day.

“We knew we had to come to market with the best possible product in order to really make a difference in women’s lives, which is why it took us eight years to develop the new JOCKEY® bra and its revolutionary REALFIT™ Sizing System,” said Sally Tomkins, senior vice president of design, research and product development for Jockey. “Through our research, and countless hours of testing and talking with women, we are confident we are answering women’s desire for the perfect-fitting bra.”

Bad Bras Be Gone

Research1 shows that 75 percent of women have difficulty finding a bra that fits properly and a staggering 85 percent are wearing the wrong size. A revolution in bra innovation is clearly past due. In fact, women’s top bra complaints include overall fit, straps that don’t stay up and discontinuation of styles making it hard to find the same bra twice. Women also dislike the bra shopping experience due to the overwhelming number of bra choices, lack of attentive service, and complexity and variance of proper sizing. It’s no wonder 53 percent of women have never been professionally fit for a bra.1

“Every element of the JOCKEY® bra program has an elegant feel to it for the consumer. From the design of the JOCKEY® bra website and catalog to the white-glove service of our fit specialists in our retail stores across the country, every aspect of the consumer experience will provide women with the knowledge that the JOCKEY® bra is the right fit for them,” said Dustin Cohn, chief marketing officer for Jockey.

Try It. Wear It. Love It!™ 100% Money Back Guarantee

Women can experience JOCKEY® bra risk free. Wear it, wash it, wear it and wash it again. At any point, if they don’t love it, they can just return it. Jockey will cover the return shipping and refund their entire purchase price. That’s how confident Jockey is with their new JOCKEY® bra. With its revolutionary REALFIT™ Sizing System, JOCKEY® bra invites women to order a JOCKEY® bra Fit Kit to measure the volume of their breast with REALFIT™ Cups in order to find their perfect fit. The Fit Kit includes 10 REALFIT™ Cup sizes (1-10) and a color-coded REALFIT™ Measuring Tape to measure the band size (30 - 42). While other companies add inches to the measurement, this is your actual underband measurement. It’s a simple two-step process, which prompts women to:

  • Choose a Cup: Select a REALFIT™ Cup that looks closest to your size and place over the breast. Make sure there is full coverage with no gapping or spillage. Document your new REALFIT™ Cup size (1-10).
  • Measure Under the Bust: Measure under your breasts using the color-coded, double-sided REALFIT™ Measuring Tape (reverse side is legible in your mirror). Choose from seven different band sizes (30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 or 42). Document your band size.

Women will no longer classify their bra size using the age-old alphanumeric system, which leaves women feeling frustrated with improper fit, inconsistencies between brands and potential discomfort. Instead, the JOCKEY® bra’s REALFIT™ Sizing System will help women find their perfect fit no matter what style they select. The JOCKEY® bra features 55 sizes with a unique and patented Comfort Wire, which replaces old-fashioned-and often uncomfortable-underwires. This new non-metal design supports, cups and shapes the breast without any poking, and conforms to the body, giving women an exceptionally comfortable fit.

“I now have a bra that provides the support and comfort and you don’t feel it digging into you,” said Adriana S. “Ever since I put on the JOCKEY® bra, I’ve been told that it looks like I’ve lost weight. What woman doesn’t like to hear that? Everything just fits better.”

1 Griffin Strategic Partners, (August 23, 2011), Consumer Validation of New Bra Concept

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