Rally Around the Grill: Kingsford® Charcoal Empowers Football Fans This Season with Tailgater Bill of Rights

OAKLAND, Calif. (Aug. 31, 2011) – The players and owners have finally come to an agreement, and now, football fans can enjoy the best part of the season – tailgating! But wait, not so fast – the fans have rights too, and in recent years they’ve been infringed upon with strict stadium rules. The makers of Kingsford® charcoal understand that football was made for grilling, and are empowering fans to keep tailgating off the endangered list this football season with the Tailgater Bill of Rights.

In light of recent headlines, it’s important that stadiums foster a safe tailgating environment but do not unfairly restrict the experience for the majority of fans who enjoy each other’s company by tailgating before the game. With restrictions such as shortening the time parking lots are open before games, requiring a ticket to tailgate in parking lots and even banning grills, tailgating is becoming an endangered art. That’s why America’s favorite charcoal brand is standing with the fans to celebrate the football season. Fans across the country can save the tailgate by signing the petition at www.Facebook.com/Kingsfordcharcoal.

Following are the rights they’ll be fighting for:

  • Stadium parking lots shall be open for all tailgaters at least 24 hours before kick-off.
  • Anyone with a passion for football or grilling shall be allowed to tailgate in the stadium parking lot, not just fans with tickets to the game.
  • Fans can always bring their own grills to the stadium, preferably ones that use charcoal.
  • Each tailgate spot should be allowed to have a table and tent as long as you bring enough grub to share with neighbors.
  • Tailgating tunes can (and should!) be played.
  • Tailgaters shall be allowed to bring a cooler of food and cold beverages to the parking lot to enjoy before heading into the stadium.
  • Fans shall have the right to tailgate in a friendly and safe environment, hanging out with fellow fans no matter what team they’re rooting for.

Once 10,000 signatures are collected, the makers of Kingsford® charcoal will present the Tailgater Bill of Rights to the professional football commissioner as well as the management teams of pro and college football stadiums across the country in an effort to persuade them to save the all-American tradition. Although tailgating at stadiums is becoming increasingly difficult, there is one place fans can grill with family and friends before the game without worrying about increased rules and restrictions – the backyard. 

“The best thing about tailgating at home is you own the concession stand! And, it’s easy to recreate the sights, sounds and smells of the stadium at home by firing up the grill with plenty of Kingsford® charcoal,” said world champion pitmaster, Chris Lilly. “Nothing enhances the flavor and fun of a backyard tailgate like the distinctive, smoky smells of the charcoal grill. As a matter of fact, there is a rule in my family – gas is for cars, not grills.”

Kingsford Continues ESPN Partnership

But that’s not all. For the fifth consecutive football season, the makers of Kingsford® charcoal have partnered with ESPN to provide fans with more ways to enjoy the pre-game ritual, whether it’s taking place in the stadium parking lot or the backyard. As part of the partnership, ESPN analyst and grilling enthusiast, Mike Golic, will huddle with pitmaster Lilly to create winning plays to help fans score points with fellow tailgaters even if they don’t have tickets to the week’s big match-up. Once armed with tailgating tips from the dynamic duo, fans can share where they’re tailgating by checking in at the new national grilling map on Grilling.com. Each week, Kingsford®  will be giving away a $500 “Carnivore Kit” featuring a charcoal grill and high-end cuts of meat to one lucky tailgater who shares their location.

“As a former player I know the importance of home-field advantage, which is why I break out the grill and host tailgate parties in my backyard,” said Golic, who uses Kingsford®  Match Light®  Instant Light charcoal, so he’s confident his grill will be ready to go in about 10 minutes. “You wouldn’t order a pizza to a football stadium, so why do that when watching the game at home?”

Fans who register at Grilling.com also will be treated to exclusive game-day recipes from Golic and Lilly and find out how they can participate in the the ESPN College Showdown for the chance to win $10,000 cash. In this fantasy football game, participants compete against fellow fans – including Golic himself – by making picks for the outcomes of select college games. The partnership will culminate during Kingsford® and ESPN Tailgate Week, September 26 – October 1, during which fans will be treated to some of the biggest college football rivalries of the season – perfect for tailgating whether or not they’ve got tickets to the game.

Register at Grilling.com for more information on all things tailgate and the opportunity to let team spirit be heard this football season.

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